Self-Directed Learning Lesson Plan

The New York Times has a great article titled Independence Day: Developing Self-Directed Learning Projects. It’s organized around having students consider what their learning would look like if they designed it themselves. The article has a 15-minute YouTube video on The Independent Project attached. I found a link to this article from a post on Peter Pappas’ Blog, Copy/Paste – “Dedicated to Relinquishing Responsibility for Learning to the Students.”


About Sigurd

Moved to rural Vermont in 1998, recently semi-retired. Intellect-oriented person (I spend a lot of time in my mind, have worked to broaden, regularly, the boundaries of what I pay attention to). One of my current interests is Goethe's approach to understanding the structures of the world (Science) and how it is different from Newton's approach. Goethe tried to stay open to what more the world might tell him of its nature, whereas Newton conceived frameworks that them became a window through which nature is viewed and understood.
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