1:1 Resources for VT

The following is from an email from Heather Chirtea of the Digital Wish Foundation.

I want to invite everyone to look more closely within our own VT  borders for 1:1 guidance.

Collective Vision
Here’s the Roadmap for the Digital Wish 1:1 e-Vermont initiative, running in 27 schools across the state. We developed this 3 years ago based on 18 months of research on 1:1, plus input from Apple, Microsoft, VPA, VSA, VSBA, NEA, 6 ESAs, and VITA-Learn.

Replicating Success
Unfortunately nearly every school we enter is re-inventing the wheel with 1:1 computing. It’s an incredibly costly waste of time and resources. Digital Wish has reduced the planning time from 18 months, down to just 6 weeks. Every step in the process has been modeled as we go, for easy replication. Digital Wish is releasing 6 curriculum units based on the NETS standards, all of which are part of the 1:1 implementation kit. If you are thinking about 1:1, you should consider at least, getting the 1:1 kit:

Vermont Data
If you are trying to convince your board to fund 1:1, then here’s Digital Wish’s Vermont research study on improvements in 1:1 computing, based on surveys of 674 students and 45 teacher.

Implementing 1:1 computing demands you make an incredible number of decisions, plus you will have to entirely re-design your PD approach – or you won’t succeed. Digital Wish can look at your 1:1 plan today, and quickly tell you the downstream ramifications of most decisions you are now considering.  Then we can share stories of what happened in other Vermont schools that made the same wrong/right decisions, you are potentially now about to make. If you want one of our experts to guide you, or shoot holes in your plan, Digital Wish will provide a consultant for $125/ hour or work on a monthly stipend to answer questions as you go.

Argue for Technology
Here is a video Digital Wish produced, to help you argue for technology funding with your board and parents:

All the best,
Heather Chirtea


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Moved to rural Vermont in 1998, recently semi-retired. Intellect-oriented person (I spend a lot of time in my mind, have worked to broaden, regularly, the boundaries of what I pay attention to). One of my current interests is Goethe's approach to understanding the structures of the world (Science) and how it is different from Newton's approach. Goethe tried to stay open to what more the world might tell him of its nature, whereas Newton conceived frameworks that them became a window through which nature is viewed and understood.
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