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Horizon Reports redux

I’ve written before about the Horizon Reports. Those currently available are, as always, rich sources for considering what the near future (0-5 years) seems to hold for educators. You’ll need to create a free account to download them. For higher … Continue reading

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Social Media & Education

Much of the text below is excerpted from Jane Hart’s web sites. “Jane Hart is an independent consultant, speaker and writer. She is an internationally known specialist in the use of social media for learning and working.” I’ve linked to some of … Continue reading

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Brainology: Growth vs Fixed Mindsets

The Mind/Shift site has an article titled Discovering How to Learn Smarter which discusses a longer Washington Post article about “fine-tuned praise.” They discuss the work of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, who has developed Brainology, a program which helps students … Continue reading

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