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Multiage Classrooms

I used to work at a school with several multi-age classrooms. I gathered the following links for the teachers there. This information used to be a page all its own. One of the better sites (though the page layout is … Continue reading

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Humble Excellence

Cool Cat Teacher Blog has post titled “Take time to share and listen to classroom stories“ that asks us to be humble and open to discovering another pocket of excellence, drop any bluster that may accompany “my way works, let … Continue reading

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Tip for De-Formatting text from web or …

Notepad (Windows: All Programs, Accessories) or any other program that uses ONLY bare text (see: ASCII) can be used to strip formatting from text copied from web sites, email, or any number of other sources. Select the text you want and … Continue reading

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Heutagogy & Andragogy

Heutagogy The linked article discusses two terms that were new to me – Andragogy [refers to (the theory, method & practice of) adult education] and Heutagogy. It’s titled “Heutagogy and Lifelong Learning: A Review of Heutagogical Practice and Self-Determined Learning” … Continue reading

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Connected Learning – Videos, Infographic, Principles

Thanks to Bram Moreinis for a pointer to a post on Scott McLeod‘s Dangerously Irrelevant site (Technology, Leadership and the Future of Schools). The post in question reviews 5 videos on connected learning from the Digital Media and Learning Research … Continue reading

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Education is being transformed

I came across an interesting set of interviews at the Ed Tech online magazine titled “What Is Web 3.0, Really, and What Does It Mean for Education?” The three people interviewed discuss how education is on the verge of real … Continue reading

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