Education is being transformed

I came across an interesting set of interviews at the Ed Tech online magazine titled “What Is Web 3.0, Really, and What Does It Mean for Education?” The three people interviewed discuss how education is on the verge of real transformation in part due to what is possible through newly available technology. Students will be more engaged and enabled, directing their own learning and collaborating more with others.

The site pointed to a related article titled “Recipe for Success: An IT director reveals the thinking behind his district’s efforts to build a technology infrastructure from scratch.” It discusses the experience of the city of Trussville, Alabama setting up a school system from scratch. The way they implemented technology to support the mission of education is quite interesting.



About Sigurd

Moved to rural Vermont in 1998, recently semi-retired. Intellect-oriented person (I spend a lot of time in my mind, have worked to broaden, regularly, the boundaries of what I pay attention to). One of my current interests is Goethe's approach to understanding the structures of the world (Science) and how it is different from Newton's approach. Goethe tried to stay open to what more the world might tell him of its nature, whereas Newton conceived frameworks that them became a window through which nature is viewed and understood.
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