Connected Learning – Videos, Infographic, Principles

Thanks to Bram Moreinis for a pointer to a post on Scott McLeod‘s Dangerously Irrelevant site (Technology, Leadership and the Future of Schools).

The post in question reviews 5 videos on connected learning from the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub. Scott says, “Here are four very powerful videos … that are guaranteed to make you think hard about learning, teaching, and schooling. You can watch them all in less than half an hour. My quick notes from the videos are included underneath each one…” The videos are:

  • Engaged (7 minutes; Connie Yowell)
  • Everyone (7 minutes; Mimi Ito)
  • Play (7 minutes; Katie Salen)
  • Creative (5 minutes, Nichole Pinkard)
  • Essence (8-minute summary video … which includes some of the best pieces from each video above plus some new stuff)

There’s also an infographic on Connected Learning.

See also another page, on Connected Learning Principles.

You might also want to explore the “Did you Know” videos – there are 5 versions: Gone Fischin’; 2.0; 3.0 (on YouTube); 4.0; 5.0 – Iowa.

[written Aug 5, 2011] The Did You Know? (Shift Happens) videos have been seen by at least 40 million people online and perhaps that many again during face-to-face conferences, workshops, etc. This week saw the release of the latest version, this one focused on the state of Iowa. Titled Iowa, Did You Know?, the video is aimed at Iowa policymakers, citizens, and educators and is intended to help them feel a greater sense of urgency when it comes to changing our schools.

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