Tip for De-Formatting text from web or …

Notepad (Windows: All Programs, Accessories) or any other program that uses ONLY bare text (see: ASCII) can be used to strip formatting from text copied from web sites, email, or any number of other sources.

Select the text you want and copy it (Ctrl-C; right-click & select Copy from menu; other Copy ).

Open Notepad (or your “bare-ASCII” editor of choice)

and now Paste (Ctrl-V or …) your content.

The editor will strip out formatting; hyperlinks to web, email, …; etc. to “just ASCII.”

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange. from Wikipedia, “ASCII includes definitions for 128 characters: 33 are non-printing control characters (many now obsolete) that affect how text and space are processed and 95 printable characters, including the space (which is considered an invisible graphic).”

In current versions of Notepad, Ctrl-A works for “Select All”;
in earlier versions you can click (and release) at the top of what’s in Notepad, scroll (if necessary) to the bottom, hold down the shift key, and click at the very end of what’s in Notepad. This will select everything in Notepad.

Copy that (Ctrl-C or other),

and you’ve got the text you originally selected with NO applied fonts, sizes, bold, italic, …

Paste (Ctrl-V or …) your content.

Makes for a much more consistent base for further editing.


About Sigurd

Moved to rural Vermont in 1998, recently semi-retired. Intellect-oriented person (I spend a lot of time in my mind, have worked to broaden, regularly, the boundaries of what I pay attention to). One of my current interests is Goethe's approach to understanding the structures of the world (Science) and how it is different from Newton's approach. Goethe tried to stay open to what more the world might tell him of its nature, whereas Newton conceived frameworks that them became a window through which nature is viewed and understood.
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