Education Blogs, Sites

Here’s are a couple of sites/blogs/posts dealing with education and technology.

Digital Texts & Tools Online Repository – This site is a collection of materials helpful in teaching literacy, education, research, and associated courses.

Sharin’ in the EdTech Groove! (A place to share ideas and inspiration about edtech and a lot more!) On this blog there’s a post about Powtoon, a web-based tool for creating animated videos and presentations. For more effective use of this tool, they include PDFs for a book about “cartoon marketing” and a workbook on using Powtoon.

DIGITALLY LITERATE – W. Ian O’Byrne is an Assistant Professor of Educational Technologies at UNH. His research examines the literacy practices of individuals as they read/write in online spaces.

edudemic is a site with multiple faces:

  • Teacher’s Guides;
  • The Best EdTech (laptops, tablets, apps);
  • For Students (Online Learning, Startups, Social Media, Tools);
  • For Teachers (How To, News, Online Learning, Startups, Social Media, Tools, Trends, Videos); and
  • Topics (categories for posts on the site).

I ran across edudemic via a reference to a great post titled 15 Lesson Plans for Making Students Better Online Researchers.


About Sigurd

Moved to rural Vermont in 1998, recently semi-retired. Intellect-oriented person (I spend a lot of time in my mind, have worked to broaden, regularly, the boundaries of what I pay attention to). One of my current interests is Goethe's approach to understanding the structures of the world (Science) and how it is different from Newton's approach. Goethe tried to stay open to what more the world might tell him of its nature, whereas Newton conceived frameworks that them became a window through which nature is viewed and understood.
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